Catalyst Cryo-Helmet Brain Cooling System

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Treat concussion, migraines, and heat illness with cold therapy. Place Cryo-Helmet inside the freezer for three hours. Cryo-Helmet stays frozen/cold on head for one hour or more. Players with concussion symptoms can dissipate after 20 minutes of wearing the Cryo-Helmet. Similarly, chronic migraine sufferers report that pain and nausea go away after 20 minutes. Includes adjustable neoprene hood with pony tail channel, cold packs, insulated bag, square cold pack, and manual. Internationally Patented Design.

  • Patented technology keeps the helmet colder longer than regular ice or gel packs
  • CryoMax strips are re-positionable for a custom fit
  • All fabric and neoprene surfaces are treated with the Aegis Microbe Shield (Kills MRSA bacteria 99.999%)
  • All parts are machine washable, line dry
  • Use of the Cryo-Helmet is not a substitute for seeking proper medical attention


  • Youth: head size 7 1/8 and under, head circumference 22 3/8" and under
  • Regular: head size 7 1/4 - 7 5/8, head circumference 22 3/4” - 23 7/8”
  • XL: head size 7 3/4 & up, head circumference 24 1/4” & larger