Catalyst Cryo-Scarf Cooling System

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Cool off on the sidelines, between innings, or after a hard workout with the All-Star Catalyst Cryo-Scarf. The Cryo-Scarf uses the same CryoMAX reusable cold packs as the Cryo-Helmet to apply therapeutic cooling to your neck. CryoMAX is a specialized cold pack featuring two types of fluid. The pink fluid transfers heat away, keeping the blue fluid frozen. This gives you a product that stays cold far longer than standard ice packs. CryoMAX is reusable. Recharge in household freezer overnight.

  • Therapeutic cooling for your neck.
  • CryoMAX specialized cold packs stay cold longer
  • Cold packs are reusable, recharge in any freezer
  • Flexibly wraps around and secures on neck