Tanel 360° Testimonials

"I'm writing Tanel 360° and in particular, you Chad, for the excellent help and service you have provided the Fire & Ice 16U Fast Pitch Softball Team. As a Fast Pitch coach and a parent, I have nothing but the highest praise for the Tanel 360° REV-D cleats. As a coach, the Tanel 360° REV-D cleats provide our players with the edge needed to compete at a high level. As a parent, the Tanel 360° REV-D cleats are the best value on the market today. My daughter, Kristina, is an accomplished pitcher and she normally goes through two pairs of cleats per season. This past season we purchased the Tanel 360° REV-D cleats and she has completed her High School season, a demanding travel ball season and deep into fall ball has yet to wear through the pitching toe! The Tanel 360° REV-D cleats with the pitching toe, is the best on the market, bar none. In the long run, the Tanel 360° REV-D cleats will saves me money and provide my players with the performance to excel. In addition, during a demanding travel ball season, Kristina would get shin splints wearing competitor's cleats. The pain would be enough to limit her on-field production. While wearing the orthopedic designed Tanel 360° REV-D cleats, she has not experienced any shin splint problems. I can honestly say that Tanel 360° REV-D cleats possible saved her softball career."

Sincerely, Angelo Karagiorgis Fire & Ice 16U Coach

"My teammates call me Stump as I play senior softball for the Syracuse Cyclones. In February 2008, we played in the Tournament of Champions in Florida where I purchased your REV-D cleats. After the tourney I was scheduled to have bone spurs removed from my right heel but after wearing these new cleats, I had no pain in my heel while playing ball. My doctor and I both agreed - no operation. Thank you! Your cleats saved me from an 8 week rehab."

Your Friend, Stump


"Dear Sirs .... I had to write this complimentary note to inform you of an important "side issue" that your fine product has to offer. This message is to compliment the nicely padded tongue on your shoe. I was playing in a tournament last week (70, and over). I was on 2nd base when our hitter lammed a HARD line drive ("hot" bats, "live" balls) right at the pitcher (who happened to be a LARGE guy). This tournament used WHITE colored balls, and the pitcher was wearing a WHITE shirt, and when he bent over to miss the (white) ball, I lost it in his (white) shirt, and did not "pick it up" until it was about two feet in front of my foot. The ball slammed into my instep, and I went down (naturally since I was just off the base when it hit me, I was also ... OUT). Fortunately for me (and the purpose of this note), I was wearing your high-top Tanel 360° lightweight shoe (I purchased them last year), and most of the impact of the hard hit ball (MY opinion) was absorbed by the foam padding in the tongue of the shoe. I suffered some minor swelling, and a bit of pain, but I am truly convinced (considering how hard the ball was hit, and the fact that it hit me "square" on the instep) that, had I had another type of shoe, I would have suffered a serious ankle injury. Thank you for your time, and for your well designed product .. and please keep that padded tongue..."

Wilson "Skeet" Yoder


"My name is Kenny Ray and I play shortstop for the 55AAA Tanel 360/Bud Light of Austin tournament team. I can afford any shoe on the market and have worn ALL OF THE NAME BRANDS. I can honestly say Tanel makes the VERY BEST SHOE OUT THERE TODAY! I have been playing organized baseball/softball all my life and have used all the products out there. I was approached by Tanel several years ago to try their shoes. I received a pair on a Thursday and wore them to my Sunday night league game. They were so comfortable and light that when I got ready to leave several players wanted a pair. Not only did I get them some shoes, we ended up as a Tanel 360°l sponsored team. We use all the Tanel products and they are the best. Tanel's customer service is the very best I have ever dealt with and being a remodeling contractor I have dealt with customer service. The Tanel product is so good that I have been a small rep for them in Austin. Not only do all our players wear Tanel 360° shoes and use Tanel products, but a lot of the local teams have asked me to get them Tanel 360 products. In our Sunday night league, there are so many players and teams wearing Tanel 360° products that it looks like a Tanel 360° Sunday night league! I would like to mention that since my team has been with Tanel 360°, we have won the Winter World in Vegas back to back in 2006 and 2007. We have taken 3rd place in The Tournament of Champions in 2007 and we won the TOC in 2008. So THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT. One question, since Tanel 360° makes the BEST products on the market, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A BAT?"

Thanks again, #6 Kenny Ray


"Our TANEL 360° cleats have made a huge difference. Even on the hard packed infields here in California they feel like slippers. I used to ache for days after a weekend tournament, now my legs and lower body feel great. Thanks for everything, TANEL 360° is a class act company to work with."

Ken Montagna - Manager
Redwood City Reds/TANEL


“In April of 2007, during my second at bat of our first league game I ruptured my fascia tendon digging out a ground ball & trying to avoid a DP. It was an awful pain. I had no idea the extent of the injury, but it was the first time in more than 15 years of playing Men’s Slow-pitch softball that I’d miss a game due to an injury! The next morning I couldn’t walk & literally crawled, hopped around my house. First I went to a Walk-in clinic, eventually a foot doctor. The tendon that runs from my big toe to my heel had broken. After 5-6 weeks off, I returned to my team, & even placed in the top five for batting in the league! I truly believe that the design, comfort & stability of your Tanel shoes helped me return much sooner than expected! That’s one reason that at age 42 I’m ordering another pair.” 

Ed Egan – Rhode Island


"Absolute "UMPIRE" Satisfaction

Tanel 360° Plate Shoes are the absolute finest and have saved my knee many, many times. When I do high school JV, I do them alone. So, I have to be very mobile and encounter many circumstances that require that I pivot or change directions at a moments notice. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for your shoes."

Tom Tenny - Umpire


"I want to take a moment to tell you and your wonderful company how much we appreciate the service you extended to us. We have 10-year-old twins playing competitive fastpitch softball and a 20-year-old playing division 1 softball. To say the least we spend a tremendous amount of money on equipment for the 3 of them. In the 13 years that I have purchased equipment I have yet to see the quality and service that TANEL provides. You have a customer for life because of what you build and how you treat your customers. I hope you pass this on to your employees to let them know they are a huge part of the success of Tanel and to keep up the good work. The competition is huge, but Tanel is standing out as the best."

Thank you,
Robert & Heidi Virdell
Claremore, OK
Paris & Jules 10 & under "A" - Big Kahuna's Softball



Just wanted to mention I played my first game of the season in my TANEL cleats, and I AM A CONVERT!

I have never worn a more supportive and stable pair of ball shoes than the 360°s. We played on wet turf and sandbox-like infield gravel last night, and I couldn’t believe how confidently I was able to burst out of the batter’s box, run the bases, make cuts and track flies in the outfield. I should mention I’m in my early 40s and suffer from a chronically bad ankle that’s contributed to a bad knee and hamstring over the last five years. Normally I’m pretty sore the morning after a game (when wearing my old Nike or Easton shoes), but today I feel like going for a bike ride. Your product may have bought me a few extra years in my recreational career.

I’ll be talking up these shoes with my teammates."


John Lu
TSN The Sports Network


"My Rev D's are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own!"

David Elrod


"I am looking to buy a new set of cleats but the G2's are not available in Royal.  My wife and I both have the Rev-D in Royal for 2 years now, I must say that after many years of buying 2 or 3 sets of cleats a year that we ran across your web sight one day and decided to try them out.  Our Tanel's are the most comfortable, long lasting cleats we have ever had, and we play three night a week as well as numerous tourneys through out the summer.  We tell everyone about them and that if they try them once they will never buy another brand again.  Thank you for making such a high quality, durable cleat. I am so glad that there is a company that strives for quality and isn't just out to make a dollar."

Kind Regards, 

David Lambert