The Tanel Story

Tanel® 360°® was founded by Mike Tanel, once an outstanding college football player who’s promising career as a defensive end for the Green Bay Packers was cut short by a severe injury in his final year of college football. The injury occurred during a defensive move where his upper body twisted while his foot was planted. The movement prevented him from pivoting in order to maintain orthopedic alignment. This injury inspired the design of the patented circular 360°® cleat pattern that allows athletes to easily pivot while reducing the risk of torque related knee and ankle injury.

In 2001, Tim “the shoe guy” Sellner purchased Tanel® 360°® bringing the love of baseball and many years of sales/marketing experience with him. His corporate mission for Tanel® 360°® was and still is to deliver the best hi-performance footwear and apparel to the athletes while providing “the best customer service in the industry”.

Tim launched Tanel® 360°® into a grass roots movement taking to the fields and educating athletes on the importance of a hi-quality shoe engineered to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Tim is still out traveling to tournaments all over the United States with the Tanel® Crew fitting players and educating coaches one team at a time.

Tanel® 360°® continues to bring innovative technology to the diamond sports industry. This year is no different with the introduction of Spiderflex™ technology for our shoes, Dolby rip stop nylon for the gear bags, and a line of performance wicking apparel.

One thing has not changed at Tanel® 360°® over the years; if you call corporate headquarters, you will still get one of the Tanel® Crew answering the phone and there is a pretty good chance it was the same person that sold you your gear at the field. Great gear sold to you by a great team that will continue to bring you “the industry’s best customer service”.

Get your Tanel® 360°® gear and get in the game!
See you out at the fields.