The Tanel 360° Experience . . . a brand built on Safety, Comfort and Performance

Welcome to TANEL 360° where comfort, high quality performance cleats that fit great are the norm, not the exception. We've taken the time to engineer our problem-solving brand based on the factors you, the athlete, have told us you desired in footwear and equipment. Tanel 360° is committed to providing players with products that solve these all too common problems that for years other companies have totally ignored. Your satisfaction in wearing the Tanel 360° brand is based largely on the following product attributes:

The diamond shaped cutting edge design of the individual cleats, working in combination with the circular pattern can significantly reduce the amount of stress to the joints (knees/ankles) associated with torque-related (cleat lock) injuries.

14-point cleat, 61-point turf pattern, and the Spiderflex TM outsole disperses your weight evenly, which relieves uncomfortable cleat pressure - even on hard surfaces! The extremely padded and removable insole offers extreme shock absorption and helps reduce foot fatigue. Tanel 360° has players saying, "I can't believe I have a pair of cleats on."

Increased pivot-ability and superior traction improves your overall performance during competition. Tanel 360° cleats are extremely lightweight, durable and flexible. The outer cleat pattern is designed for superior traction and eliminating cleat pressure. Regardless of the position you play, if it requires you to pivot, you will benefit from Tanel performance footwear.

The Tanel 360° corporate culture demands a total effort and commitment to the athletic community. Our style of doing business with a "relationships matter" premise is absolutely genuine and the reason we have the industry’s best customer service.