June 17, 2011

What makes Tanel footwear so comfortable?

Tanel® 360° has long been known for many things; quality, performance, great customer service and comfort to name a few. It’s easy to imagine how a company can be known for great customer service or a product known for being high-quality (although in reality its much more difficult to achieve these things than most people realize), but when it comes to comfort, what makes one shoe more comfortable than another?

There are numerous factors that affect comfort. Tanel footwear is engineered to be comfortable and durable while performing flawlessly on and off the field.  Starting with the upper part of the shoe, Tanel uses quality materials that allow the athlete’s foot to breath. Nothing too remarkable here but the next thing we do that most manufacturers don’t is add extra padding around the ankle. Why wouldn’t all manufacturers do this? Because it adds a little bit of cost to each pair.

Comfort doesn’t end with the upper though. In fact, the sole of the shoe has more effect on comfort and wearability than anything else. Tanel footwear is manufactured with a rigid sole that provides better arch support and helps to prevent pronation. Pronation is the natural flattening of the foot that leads to discomfort and injuries. Try this with your athletic footwear: grab the heal and front of the shoe and twist in opposite directions paying attention to how much it flexes. Flexing on this part of the shoe is NOT good for your feet. Try the same test with any of the Tanel footwear line and you’ll notice a huge difference. Next up on the path to comfort is the patented Tanel 360° circular cleat design with diamond shaped cleats that assist in maintaining orthopedic alignment which translates to overall comfort. This design also allows athletes to pivot and thereby reduces strain on knees, ankles and hips as well as dispersing weight more evenly which relieves cleat pressure.

The REV-D has a slightly different cleat design but incorporates all of Tanel’s comfort secrets while adding our exclusive SpiderFlexTM technology. What’s SpiderFlex you ask? The larger cleats on the REV-D are actually cantilevered outward slightly so that when they come in contact with the ground, the cleats expand outward creating a larger and therefor more stable footprint and more importantly, they absorb the energy of the impact into the shoe instead of the athlete’s feet and legs.

Although it might sound simple, there is a considerable amount of technology that goes into making Tanel footwear so comfortable. If you’ve ever played a weekend tournament wearing Tanels, you already know that all that Tanel tech translates to having fresh legs longer.

Mike Keegan is the 
Vice President of Marketing for Tanel 360° 

You can learn more about Tanel 360° technology here